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Dora & Kiki is a young and sparkling publishing company based in London, U.K., and part of the international Charlie's Publishing Group. Our aim is to produce and disseminate high quality content books, focusing on International Romance and fictions, kids' book and technical books. Dora & Kiki's readers are open mind people, curious and mentally young 😉

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Bread And Sugar Water (by Abi Kobe Zar) - Amazon Review


I have read this book in the quickest time ever as it was very interesting. It also help to understand human feeling something which is lost nowadays, if you look for a better future than you should understand how people may think and feel, something which may be carried from your own culture may hurt somebody else. As someone against racism I have learnt something very important from this book.
Gigi: The Librarian (by Eliselle) - Amazon Review


Is a beautiful book. brings me memories of when i started reading book, what my mom used to tell me. i read this book everyday i can to my best friend's baby. i love it
SHE - Any Women Of The World (by Mark Terenziani) - Amazon review

Nicola Giannotti

Marco Terenziani has an incredible talent.
Seven Seconds (by Dr. Oscar Travino) - Amazon review


Enjoying life right now is the message I got after reading this book. I think positive thoughts are not done often enough. And this book opens your eyes to this. Very inspiring.

Top Authors List

Dr. Oscar Travino

Born in Naples in 1977, Dr. Oscar Travino is a renomated Italian Author and Psychotherapist. After graduating in Psychology, he dedicated his career to help and support children and adolescents through educational workshops in local schools, often using the most creative tools available such as photography, his other great passion. After specializing in “Gestalt Psychotherapy” and “Transactional Analysis”, Dr. Tavino has started his own private practice as therapist and consultant in the cities of Naples, Caserta, Padua. He also offers online therapy’s sessions. 

In 2016 Dott. Travino has self-published his first book, “L’ora o il mai piĂč”, a book that has achieved huge success within the italian audience and in the Latin Community. After the first publication, two more books have followed: in 2018 the title “Sette Secondi” (Seven seconds) and in 2020 “Heartquake” have been published. From 2021, thanks to the support of Dora & Kiki Publishing, Dr. Travino is distributing the trilogy around the globe in English and Spanish.

Valeria Martucci

Born in Italy in 1988, she currently lives and works in the UK.

Her passion for Pripyat city, its story and its inhabitants histories, started back in 2006, alongside with the researches, the volunteering and the travels to the “Exclusion Zone” brought her to write her first novel between 2015 and 2020: “A Bengal flare in the night”.

Abi Kobe Zar

Abdul Zar is an Italian-Ghanaian human rights activist and lawyer specialized in international law. Bread and Sugar Water is his first novel. It is a work that arises from the desire to tell about life, to tell the extraordinary normality from the point of view of a black person in a white country. There are economic, social and political implications that come from being part of a minority and precisely because such most people fail to understand what one can feel (in this case) and wear such a wonderful color that the rest of society (knowingly or not) associates negative things. Prejudices that have survived over the years, rooted in the mind of those who have decided to see color before the person.


Eliselle was born in Sassuolo, she completed her classical studies in Modena attending the Liceo Muratori and after graduating she obtained a degree in Medieval History at the Univ grafica ersity of Bologna. Passionate reader, bookseller from 2009 to 2020, since 2005 she writes stories and novels referring to different literary genres. Several of her short stories are part of anthologies and literary projects. She has published for various publishers, including Sperling & Kupfer and Newton Compton. She coordinated creative writing courses, organized exhibitions and literary events, designed photo contests for books and other projects. For Einaudi Ragazzi was released “GirlzVSBoyz” in September 2020.

Giulia D'Agostini

Giulia D’Agostini was born in Florence (Italy) in 1989.
She completed her artistic studies and obtained a degree in “Comics and Illustrations” at the academy of fine arts of Bologna.
Deeply passionate about illustration and children’s books, she has some publications and collaborations to her credit. In 2020 she released her first illustrated book, entirely conceived, written and illustrated by her, “Balocco West” (Edizioni I Girasogni).
In 2021 she illustrated “Gigi the librarian”, a children’s book wrote by Elisa Eliselle Guidelli and published in English, Spanish and Portuguese by Dora&Kiki Publishing. In 2021 she wrote and illustrated “Un sasso per un sorriso”, in collaboration with Heidi Aellig, the founder of the homonymous Facebook page. (Edizioni I Girasogni). Since 2015 she has also been involved in theatrical productions for adults and children as a director, writer, graphic designer and set designer.

Andrea Manicardi

Andrea Manicardi was born at a very tender age on the last day of May 1968 in Carpi, in the beating heart of Emilia Rock-Magna, where he still resides and, despite his registration date, after the Sunset sometimes dribbles its professional commitments to run to perform on the stage of disreputable clubs in the company of other fugitives, dead or alive, from all the Conservatories of the Kingdom, thus nourishing the shadowy part of its curious, colorful and scarcely satiated soul.
During the day, however, for the past 24 years he has been practicing the profession of civil lawyer in his own law firm with unsuspected dedication and competence, mainly dealing with family law, civil liability and contracts.
He is passionate beyond all tolerable limits of decency of rock music, of Emilian cuisine, of the NFL, of literature of every race, model and displacement, of travel, mountain biking, history, cinema and Juventus.
He is the author of a respectable amount of song lyrics, none of which will ever reach the top of Spotify, and of a substantial tonnage of stories of various kinds, united by the worrying propensity to lose their tracks by camouflaging themselves on the bottom of the drawers scattered throughout. Manicardilandia.

Meltea Keller

Meltea Keller (Martina Biscarini) was born in Empoli in 1985. She translated the first Italian edition of Harpo Marx’s autobiography, Harpo Speaks (Erga, 2017). She wrote two music biographies (Mannarino, Cercare I colori; Arcana, 2018 and Rancore, Segui il coniglio bianco; Arcana, 2020) and a guide of Siena, (Guida ai Palazzi di Siena; Edizioni della Sera, 2021). She actively collaborates with ReWriters Magazine on which she has a blog called cli-fi focused on literature and the environment. She is the current vocalist of the all-female rock band Mumble Rumble, active since the Nineties.

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